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Hi Shlomo, My husband told me you'd called earlier, and I'd been meaning to contact you to tell you how completely satisfied I was with you and the Aish Orchestra on Monday. The music itself was wonderful, and working with you was a very pleasant experience. You succeeded in tailoring the music to our wishes, including everything from which songs to play to how loud you played them.

People have been telling me how much they enjoyed the music. Those that have the strictest standards appreciated that you didn't play stuff like the macarena, and the others didn't miss it because everything else was so good. Many had not yet heard of your group, but they won't be forgetting your name any time soon.

You were fabulous. I am so glad we chose you after hearing you by chance at the Rocking Horse Ranch over winter break last year. You can be sure that I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks, and you have my permission to give me as a reference to any prospective customers -- I'd be delighted!

Thanks for a great job. You were a pleasure to work with. I confess I didn't shop around for price, so I have no idea where your fee falls in relation to other bands, but your music was certainly worth every penny to me. The pictures and video will be important to me and my family, but the music was appreciated by every one of our guests. Thanks for helping to make our simcha a success. Regards, Karen