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Good morning Shloime this is Chavie Bernstein how are you? I'm sorry it took me so long to call you but with Sheva Brochos and all my head was not quite where it should have been.

I must tell you how absolutely wonderful outstanding phenomenal the orchestra played that night at Yoel's Chasuna. Everyone ah' maybe not everyone, but so many people came over to praise the orchestra, first of all for the dinner music which was so beautiful and not hocking while people were trying to talk to each other. It was beautiful it was tasteful it was absolutely phenomenal, and the Leibadigeit that that Chasuna had was majorly due to the Bochrim who were responding to the music that you and the orchestra gave over to us.

It was a phenomenal Simcha and I'm very greatful for the beauty of it all and thank you so much for adding to every aspect of the Chasuna. I recommend you highly to anyone and everyone who would ask for a terrific orchestra.

So thanks again Shloimy you should have a lot of Nachas from your family and we should only continue to share in Simchas.

Thanks again have a great day.