Here are some short video clips. It may take a minute for them to download.

Rythm and Horns at after Chuppah

After the Badeck'n and Chuppah (procession), we accompany the Chasan & Kallah (Groom & Bride) with a Marching band.

Drums, Tambourine, Trumpet & Sax Family and friends love this and get into the simcha even more.


When Aish is playing, everyone dances freely the way they like to.

Sometimes there are groups with different style dances to the same song.

Aish Orchestra Makes the Simcha every time!

Adults Yeshiva Guys and Gals always have a great time with Aish Orchestra

We like to get everyone involved and on the floor giving them a great time.

Dance Dance Revolution NOW with Jewish Music!

We are the ONLY band in Israel to offer Dance Dance Revolution with Jewish Music!
This gets ALL the kids involved at the same time.


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