The samples below were recorded live they are NOT "studio productions"
Some recordings may be clearer than others.

Please note it would be impossible to include all the music styles we play.
For other styles please contact us, we most likely play it.

Your computer keyboard can now be a piano, feel free to play along.
Note "C" (Doe) starts on the "Q" key, view a Keyboard Map Chart

Shmorg Music

Shmorg Jazz Standards

Brides Entrance


Chuppah Music

After the Chuppah we accompany the Chasan & Kallah with Rythm & Horns.
See a
video clip. You can also preview our Chuppah Song Page.

Kids Song

Wedding March Standard

Mi Chamocha

Mi Adir

Israeli Dance

Od Nagia


Dance Music

Entrance - Od Yishoma


Fast Kaitzad

Smok'n Solos

Jewish Hora Disco

Belz Disco Hora

Stoliner Hora on Fire

Asher Bora

Hot Solos on Aish


Jewish Pop Rock

Set Moshiach Free

Boruch Hu

Eitz Chaim He

Sefardi Mizrachi Persian Music




American Ballad

Everything I Do

American Dance

In The Mood

My Girl

Oh' What A Night

All recordings are copyright to © Aish Orchestras. Unauthorized duplication is illegal.

If you have any questions please call or email us. Thank you.

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