To create a beautiful Chuppah List you need to do the following things:

1. Decide who will walk down the aisle

2. Select the order of procession

3. Choose songs

4. Fill out our online Chuppah List Form


Decide who will walk down the aisle.
  Ask Grandparents, siblings, ushers, bridesmaids and flower girls if they want to walk down.


Select an order to to those walking down the aisle:
  The standard order for a chuppah is the Grooms side first. Starting with Grandparents, older to younger siblings, ushers, Groom. Then the Brides family. Grandparents, older to younger siblings, bridesmaids, flower girls & ring boys, and finally the Bride.


Choose some songs:
  The Choson and Kallah (Groom and Bride) Should each have their own song. Then pick 1 song for each GROUP of people. 1 song for Grandparents, 1 song for Siblings, 1 song for Ushers, 1 song for Bridesmaids, 1 song for Children. If you have a decent size procession, each PERSON walking down the aisle should NOT get their own song. There would not be enough time to play each song in its entirety, and switching songs too quickly would sound choppy


Fill out our online "Chuppah List Form"
  Click on our online Chuppah List Form to open it in a new window. Then go back to the Chuppah Song List in this window to hear the songs. As you pick the songs you like, click on the Chuppah List Form in the other window to indicate your selection.
Sample chuppah list:

Grandparents Bilvovi
Grandparents " same song "

Brother & Sister-in-law Hamalach
Sister & Brother-in-law "
Sister "

2 Ushers Na'ar
2 Ushers "
2 Ushers "

Groom & Parents The Bobiver wedding march
Cantor sings Boruch Habah & Mi Adir

Grandparents Al Kol Ele
Grandparents "
Grandmother & Grandson "

Brother & Sister-in-law Ana Hashem
Brother "

2 Bridesmaids Kishoshana
2 Bridesmaids "
2 Bridesmaids "

2 Flower girls Hey Dum
2 Flower girls "

Bride & Parents Mi Chamocha
  Cantor sings Brucha Habah & Mi Bon Siach  
You need to arrange for someone to sing "Boruch Habah & Bruchah Habah" when the Choson & Kallah arrive under the chuppah. You can ask a family member or a friend. Sometimes the hall provides a cantor or we can arrange for one. Make sure the wedding hall has a PA system in the chuppah room so people can hear what's going on. If the hall does not have one, we can provide one for an additional fee.

Please fill out our online Chuppah List Form

Good Luck and Mazal Tov!

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