Aish Is On Fire!

Published in the 5 Towns Jewish Times

by Larry Gordon

Shlomo Walfish is in touch with music. He knows how to put a band together and knows how to make you---that's right, we're talking to you get up and dance. Walfish is the founder of Aish Orchestras one of the industries most sought after wedding and simcha bands. Aish is known for both their class and energy, working the crowrd and bringing that extra added dimension to the simcha dance floor. Perhaps it is for that reason that they are the band of choice at so many Yeshiva weddings including those of Yeshiva Shor Yoshov and Chofetz Chaim. "You know, says Shlomo, "at many weddings that first dance can last 30 to 40 minutes but at a Yeshiva wedding very often that first dance can go for over an hour---and we rise to the occasion and love it. Yeshiva weddings demand a lot from the band---at some of these weddings they take us to new heights and we do the same thing to them, he says.

In the ten years since Shlomo put Aish together they've played in over 300 wedding halls in the tri-state area and around the country. "Our focus in preparing for a wedding is the Chosson and Kallah, says Shlomo. "I'll spend as much time with them as needed before the wedding figuring out what tunes they want played and where. This includes the reception, the Chuppah, the dancing and dinner music. We don't take anything for granted and understand that every wedding is unique and different.

Perhaps that's the secret to Aish's success---individual attention and fashioning the music in the image of the new couple. Shlomo explains that Aish can with any size band, whether five pieces or double that, fill the room with that amazing wall of sound that Jewish music features.

Shlomo is the nephew of Heshy Walfish of Lawrence, a founding member of the original Messengers Orchestra---and a mainstay at so many simchas for such a long time. "No question that Heshy and the Messengers were a great influence to us. They were innovators and they continue to influence us. For more information on Aish Orchestra log on to their web site at

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